How to Host A Workshop 


Here Is What You Do:

  • Establish audience: ages and genders.

  • Find a location for the workshop.

    • Open space

    • Access to water and restrooms

  • Select potential dates, 3-hour time frame.

    *Time frame can be modified.

  • Contact One Light Self-Defense with dates to be confirmed.

  • Advertise/invite.

  • Encourage participants to register/RSVP at least one week before the event.


  • Minimum of 20 participants are required one week prior to the workshop


While workshops are free, participants have the opportunity to make a donation to help support One Light’s mission of preparing people to avoid, face, or heal from physical violence.


Occasionally, host organizations prefer to make a donation on behalf of the participants.


100% of donations go to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, rape, molestation, or incest.


Here Is What We Do:

  • Offer a team proportionate to the number of registered participants

  • Provide equipment, name tags, and waivers.

    *Waivers for unaccompanied minors require a parent/guardian signature prior to workshop.The waiver is available on the website.


3-hour workshop (release and run philosophy):

  • Safety awareness

  • Avoidance tactics

  • Striking techniques

  • Self-defense misconceptions

  • Strikes and targets

  • Defensive techniques: grabs, chokes, hair pulls, bear hugs

  • Self-defense workshops are adapted to meet the specific needs of men and women of varying ages, professions, or needs upon request.



One Light Waiver Form  



A signed waiver form is required for each participant.





2020 upcoming workshops
January 2020
Jan 16th (6:30-8:30) LifeStart Fitness in Lisle
Jan 22nd (9AM-11:30AM)  Edwards Preschool (Chicago)
Jan 24th (6PM-8PM) Lisle Police Dept (Grades 1-5)
Jan 25th (9AM-12PM) Lisle Police Dept - Adult
Jan 25th (12:30PM-2:30PM) Lisle Police Dept AC
Jan 27th (6:15-8:15) Boy Scouts PE
February 2020
Feb 1st (1:45PM-4:15PM) Lithuanian Girls Troop PE
Feb 10th (6PM-9PM) Palos Heights Christian Reformed
Feb 17th (TBA) Naperville Compass School PE
Feb 26th (9AM-12PM) Chicago Area Regional Rep PE
March 2020
Mar 2nd, 3rd & 4th (School Day) Kennedy Jr. High 
Naperville School District 203 PE
Mar 4th (6PM-9PM) Rep. Stephens - Rosemont
Mar 7th (9AM-12PM) Thornton Township
Mar 12th (6PM-9PM) Rep. Batanick - Plainfield
April 2020
Apr 7th (11:30AM-3PM) District 218 H.S. PE
Apr 7th (6PM-9PM) Rep. Wehrli - Naperville
PE = (Private Event)
AC (Advanced Class - You must have attended a basic class to sign-up for this class.)
Need More information about a class?
Email us:

Totals by Year:

2019: 59 workshops, 1,794 trained

2018: 96 workshops, 2,691 trained

2017: 30 workshops, 804 trained

2016: 35 workshops, 921 trained

2015: 24 workshops, 516 trained

2014: 22 workshops, 508 trained

2013: 15 workshops, 509 trained

2012: 10 workshops, 128 trained

2011:  10 workshops, 332 trained

2009/10: 8 workshops, 442 trained

Ten Years:

310 workshops

Over 8,650 trained




Businesses/corporations, public libraries, church groups, Girl Scouts, high schools, colleges, and police departments.


*Safehouses, Bangkok and Chang Mai, Thailand

*Girls and trainers from Missions of Hope International schools, Nairobi, Kenya 

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