How to Host A Workshop 


Here Is What You Do:

  • Establish audience: ages and genders.

  • Find a location for the workshop.

    • Open space

    • Access to water and restrooms

  • Select potential dates, 3-hour time frame.

    *Time frame can be modified.

  • Contact One Light Self-Defense with dates to be confirmed.

  • Advertise/invite.

  • Encourage participants to register/RSVP at least one week before the event.


  • Minimum of 20 participants are required one week prior to the workshop


While workshops are free, participants have the opportunity to make a donation to help support One Light’s mission of preparing people to avoid, face, or heal from physical violence.


Occasionally, host organizations prefer to make a donation on behalf of the participants.


100% of donations go to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, rape, molestation, or incest.


Here Is What We Do:

  • Offer a team proportionate to the number of registered participants

  • Provide equipment, name tags, and waivers.

    *Waivers for unaccompanied minors require a parent/guardian signature prior to workshop.The waiver is available on the website.


3-hour workshop (release and run philosophy):

  • Safety awareness

  • Avoidance tactics

  • Striking techniques

  • Self-defense misconceptions

  • Strikes and targets

  • Defensive techniques: grabs, chokes, hair pulls, bear hugs

  • Self-defense workshops are adapted to meet the specific needs of men and women of varying ages, professions, or needs upon request.



One Light Waiver Form  



A signed waiver form is required for each participant.





2019 upcoming workshops
September 2019
Sep 21st (11AM-2PM) Alden Gardens of Waterford PE
Sep 24th (9AM-12PM) Richards H.S. Academy PE
Sep 24th (6PM-9PM) District 218 Community
October 2019
Oct 08th (6PM-9PM) Rep. Margo McDermed
St John's United Church of Christ - Mokena
Oct 21st (6PM-9PM) Rep. Jeff Keicher
Haish Gym - DeKalb
November 2019
Nov 04th (Morning) Richards H.S. PE
Nov 05th (Morning) Eisenhower H.S. PE
Nov 07th (Morning) Shepard H.S. PE
December 2019
Dec 02nd Reavis H.S. PE
Dec 03rd Reavis H.S. PE
2020 upcoming workshops
January 2020
Jan 16th (6:30-8:30) LifeStart Fitness in Lisle
Jan 27th (6:15-8:15) Boy Scouts PE
February 2020
Feb 10th (6PM-9PM) Palos Heights Christian Reformed
Feb 26th (9AM-12PM) Chicago Area Regional Rep PE
March 2020
Mar 2nd, 3rd & 4th (School Day) Kennedy Jr. High 
Naperville School District 203 PE
Mar 4th (6PM-9PM) Rep. Stephens - Rosemont
Mar 7th (9AM-12PM) Thornton Township
April 2020
Apr 7th (11:30AM-3PM) District 218 H.S. PE
Apr 7th (6PM-9PM) Rep. Wehrli - Naperville
Apr 16th St. Gerald Woman's Club
PE = (Private Event)
AC (Advanced Class - You must have attended a basic class to sign-up for this class.)
Need More information about a class?
Email us:

Totals by Year:

2018: 96 workshops, 2,691 trained

2017: 30 workshops, 804 trained

2016: 35 workshops, 921 trained

2015: 24 workshops, 516 trained

2014: 22 workshops, 508 trained

2013: 15 workshops, 509 trained

2012: 10 workshops, 128 trained

2011:  10 workshops, 332 trained

2009/10: 8 workshops, 442 trained

Current through 2019:

Over 20 workshops

Over 640 trained




Businesses/corporations, public libraries, church groups, Girl Scouts, high schools, colleges, and police departments.


*Safehouses, Bangkok and Chang Mai, Thailand

*Girls and trainers from Missions of Hope International schools, Nairobi, Kenya 

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